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Our Pledge. To You.

We work hard, smart and fast. We set ambitious deadlines, and challenge ourselves to beat them.

We pride ourselves on being nimble and creative.

If our clients aren’t satisfied, neither are we.

We give our best advice at all times, especially when it’s not what a client wants to hear. (That’s usually when our advice is most valuable.)

We take seriously our commitment to the communities in which we work. We regularly donate to community-based and cultural organizations in those geographic areas.

We are up-front about our activities. We don’t take any actions that will compromise our clients’ ability to sleep well at night.

When we communicate with decision makers and community leaders, we disclose that we are serving in an advocacy role. Playing hide-the-ball can doom a project, and we won’t pretend something is what it isn’t.

We are accessible. When you contract with Barbary Coast Consulting, our entire team, from top to bottom, is available to our clients.

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